Spring has sprung and stuff!

We started a balcony herb garden about two weeks ago, and today, we finally made it up to Depot on a day when they had tons of herbs. Huzzah! Huzzah! We started with the first planter, and I just planted the rest of the plants about two hours ago. I really hope I don’t kill ’em all off. I would burst into tears if that happened.

Right-hand side of our balcony. From left to right: thyme, oregano, rosemary, 2 plants of each.

Front, right-hand side of balcony. The basil department.

Front, left-hand side. From left to right: The poblano pepper experiment, onion chives, and lemon verbena

Left-hand side. The mint department.

We separated the basil and mint out into their own planters because they’re totally going to take them over. The lemon verbena and poblano pepper plants were both impulse buys. I really wanted to track down some tarragon and Libertarian Boyfriend wanted to track down some cilantro. Hopefully, we’ll be able to locate both at Trader Joe’s tomorrow. Of course, I have no clue as to where we will put each of those plants. Maybe I can talk him into getting a small planter. Then again, maybe we’ll totally be able to grow them inside.

We will also be adding some Thai basil to the basil department (which is why that planter looks so sad and uncentered), a planter full of wildflowers, and we might just break down and buy one of those Topsy Turvy things. Also, the former tenant left behind a planter that appears to have some tulips planted in it. I’m going to see how well I can clear it out and we’ll just keep it as more flower space. (I’m so glad we didn’t throw it out like I wanted.)

For the record: Yeah, I know those damn Topsy Turvy jawns can easily be made, but we might just go with convenience over thriftiness on this one. Also, while I’m setting things straight, I don’t want one to grow those evil demon seeds known as tomatoes. Blech. I want it for either strawberries or to attract hummingbirds! HUMMINGBIRDS! HUMMINGBIRDS! Yes, I know that I can just plant flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but I want them to come visit me while I’m drinking coffee on the deck!

Don’t judge me.

We picked up most of our supplies at Depot: 4 3′ planters, 8 sets of railing mounts, a giant bag of “moisture control” potting soil, watering can, and 6 of our 9 plants (everything but the thyme, oregano, and rosemary, which were from Trader Joe’s). I think that the initial investment set us back about $100, but most of that was spent on the planters and the mounts, so obviously we won’t have to spend it next year. So far, the only things I’ve really done are to supplement the soil with a mix of coffee grounds and eggshells and I water the soil every day. Nothing is dead yet, so I’m hoping this means I’m doing something right.

I’m so excited about this. If I manage to turn this into a successful herb garden, I’m going to laugh at every chump who keeps buying fresh herbs at the grocery store.

Just sayin’.


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  1. 1

    so jealous! we have too many squirels in our neighborhood for me to have a legit garden.

    cilantro is a must.

    and i am oddly attached to my indoor plant, Nemo the Money Plant. i totally get how growing makes you happy!

    • 2

      See, I’m one of those people who thinks cilantro tastes like feet. Ick. I’m okay with it in teensy tiny doses, but the second it gets too heavy, I’m making little kid faces with every bite. 😦

      I hope none of the wildlife around us will munch on our herbs. I think we might be safe because even though we’re on the first floor, our building is sort of set up like a split level, which technically put us on the second floor of the building. Yeah, that was probably not articulated well, lol!

      And you aren’t the only one attached to plants. I love my cacti. We had a housewarming party two weekends ago, and one of my drunk friends moved a cactus. I had damn near a full-fledged meltdown because I couldn’t locate “him.” My boyfriend kept messaging me to tell me he would just replace the cactus, and I’m blubbering in gmail chat all about how much I love my cacti. Then the cactus turned up and all was well in the world! hahaha!

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. 3

    […] That’s right. Gardening. […]

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