New experiment

My friend Carrie over at Vegan Coupons posted two awesome links.

  1. The eCoupons Grocery Coupon Trading Club.  This is an e-coupon swap.  The rules seem pretty straightforward: you clip all the coupons (with some exceptions) in your weekly circulars.  Pull out the coupons you want to keep, and pack up the rest into an envelope with a $.99 check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (per 25 coupons).  Once they receive and process your coupons, you are then eligible to “order” coupons that other members have submitted, which are then mailed to you.  There are some exceptions; no expired coupons (or ones expiring within the next two weeks), no store coupons (i.e., Target, Wal-mart, etc.), no internet coupons, and no restaurant coupons.  I’ve signed up and have my first set of 25 coupons ready to go.
  2. The Sunday Coupon Preview. The blogger who set up this site gives you a looksie into all of the coupons that will be featured throughout the week.  Of course, they admit that the site might not be 100% accurate, as some coupons may be added or omitted due to regional differences, but it looks pretty reliable thus far.  Bonus!  They also have a handy coupon schedule, so if you’re like me, and you only want a newspaper for the circulars, you can save yourself the aggravation of buying one when you don’t need to.

Both of these sites have convinced me to just start plunking down the $1.50 every Sunday for the Inquirer (especially after learning that this Sunday is supposed to have some good coupons for things we use regularly).  Now I just have to find out if my Target and my BJ’s accept interwebz coupons, and I will be ready to officially start my hardcore money saving quest.  Hey, anything that can keep me in the same standard of living and net us an extra bottle of Wild Turkey Rye every once in awhile is A++ in my book.


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