9 days later!


The limp, sad little plant between the chives and the lemon verbena is tarragon, scored from Libertarian Boyfriend’s mom.

Look at how much the mint has grown already!

And for my inedibles:

This is the wildflower mix we bought. Picked it and the planter up at Depot. I think I actually planted them about a week or so ago. If you look very, very closely at the following pics, you’ll see teeny little plants sprouting up. I figured that they’re either wildflowers or weeds. I guess I’ll know for certain in a couple weeks!

Observations so far:

  1. I was chronically underwatering my plants.  I think this is most obvious with my basil.  In the initial photos, they all just looked sad, limp, and pretty pathetic.  After several mini-arguments with Libertarian Boyfriend re: plant watering, he took the watering can and drenched them all.  The next day, we had fairly heavy rain; once the rain stopped, I noticed that all of my plants looked perky and healthy.  I’ve been watering them since with about 3-4 liters of water every day after I wake up and every evening before I go to bed.  (So, about 6-8 liters of water a day.)  The only time I skip it is if we got rainfall at some point during the day.
  2. I think I’m loving the eggshell-coffee ground mix.  Every time we make coffee, I immediately dump the used grounds into a quart sized container from Chinese take-out.  When we make eggs, the eggshells go into the container to get crunched up and incorporated with the coffee grounds.  Doing it by hand, I’ve noticed that one of our butter knives seems to work well; our silverware has a bamboo kind of pattern and the butter knives’ handles and wide with some heft behind ’em.  I have also whizzed the coffee ground/eggshells or just eggshells with a few tablespoons of water in my food processor, which gets them nice and fine.  (For the record, I think I might switch over to the food processor method permanently.)  I can’t give you any sort of quantitative info, but it seems like my plants are loving it.
  3. My watering can was a huge waste of $5.  It spills everywhere, doesn’t really get into the roots that well, and is a giant pain to deal with.  Solution?  An empty, rinsed 2 liter of Diet Pepsi.  It’s easy for me to fill and carry, and the more slender opening better allows me to get into the roots on all my plants.
  4. Gardening, even just on my balcony, is slowly restoring my sanity.  I’m aggravated, annoyed, and frustrated with everything in the world right about now, but gardening is making me less likely to be involved in a road rage incident.  So that’s good.

So far, I’ve only killed one tiny rosemary plant, which is a good sign; the big one is still alive, but I think I missed him in the photos.  I really hope that the tarragon isn’t too shocked from being transported.  I’m keeping my eye on that little guy.  I’m also a little bit closer to getting Thai Basil, because Libertarian Boyfriend’s mom, a big-time home gardener, came across some Thai Basil seeds in her stash.  I hope I can get that to work.  I’ve read that growing herbs from seeds can be a giant headache.

I’m pretty happy with the experiment right this moment.  I can’t wait to see if I actually get happy, pretty flowers popping up and am crossing my fingers that they’re gonna grow for me!  🙂


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