I want to make this:

The Le Sac dress from American Apparel. (Don’t waste any more of your time on AA’s softcore website.  Trust me, it’s just gross there.)

It can’t be too difficult to make.  Take a big t-shirt, open up the neckline, add a drawstring, take it in a little bit underneath the boobs, and I’m good to go.  I’ve already started to hack apart a t-shirt and some scrap fabric for the drawstring.  If I had a larger t-shirt, this would be a full-fledged dress, but since I don’t, it will just be a drapey, flowy shirt.

I’m determined to make this.  Well, unless I have a meltdown while sewing, think it’s the ugliest thing to ever exist and give up.  I have a tendency of doing crap like that.


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